Monday, August 3, 2015

When one area closes...

 So this week was full of miracles and surprises :) On Wednesday we had interviews with Pres. Thurgood. When I got into my interview and sat down he says, "Well, there´s something that I need to talk to you about." Then he proceeds to tell me that they´re having to close my area in Alejandro Korn. With the division of the mission we don´t have hermanas sufficient in the mission right now to fill all the areas there are so they have to close ours. Luckily it´s only temporary. This week was full of preparations for closing down the pench and passing everything we have over to the elders! We don´t know where Hna. Latoja and I are going yet...but that´s what´s going to be happening!

    We had a lot of success this week and I´m just super grateful for the chance I´ve had to serve here in Alejandro Korn. The ward is amazing, the people here are wonderful and I´ve been able to learn and grow so much. One day this week it rained so much and that was fun. It started raining around 3 and then stopped about 8 at night. It was actually super funny because every time we entered a house they gave us a towel to dry ourselves off....haha but we were able to have some lessons and had success :) when it rains we can´t ride our bikes really because everything is mud!! It´s great because we both just laugh about it and it can be fun to get covered in mud if you make it that way! I learned that everything is really just about our perspective.

   This week we had intercambios!! (exchanges) I stayed in my area and Hna. Knowlton came to be with me. SHE IS THE BEST :) I forgot what it was like to be with Americans!! I learned so much from her in that day and she´s just so awesome. She goes home in just a week, but we had such a blast together. The hermanas in the mission are just the best.

   Oh by the way!! There´s a new rule....that we have to be done using the computer by 4 pm our time, so from now on I´ll most likely be writing in the morning. Also...happy August!!! I can´t believe that we´re already in August. We were talking to someone the other day about how much time I have in the mission and I told them just a little over 9 months and they go "ohhh you only have a little bit left" What!! I couldn´t believe it. Time just flies by when you´re having fun. It is so possible to work and be obedient and have fun all at the same time :)

    Sorry, my letter isn´t super long today, but we´re doing so great. Hna. Latoja is the best and makes me laugh all the time. The other night we just went to bed and then she got up and went to the bathroom....while she was in the bathroom I hoped into her bed and hid myself under the blankets. When she came back it was pitch dark and then I jumped out of the bed and scared her! We laughed for such a long time....I¨ve learned that God wants us to be happy! The purpose of this life is that we can have happiness. 
CuĂ­dense mucho (Take care),
Hermana Feldermann
Streets of Mud

The sky is beautiful here

Working in the mud