Friday, October 24, 2014

October 24, 2014


I'm here! It's only been 2 days here, but it feels like so much longer. Also, time moves by so fast. You have every second of your day planned out, and that's pretty much how it is when you're actually in the mission as well. I made it here safely Mom and Dad, so no need to worry. I have to give you some grief though, because many of the girls in my district already got letters/emails/packages from their families and when I went to check my email today what did I see? Nada. Es muy triste. It's okay though, I'm sure that you didn't through too big of a party when I left.
     So the MTC. My keyboard is super messed up, so please ignore the grammatical errors...I still cant really believe that Im here. That I'm actually a missionary. We jumped right into things the first day. I met my companion! Her name is Hermana Glazier. She is so wonderful. She showed up and guess what....we were wearing the same skirt. And her first name is Rachel, too. Shes from California and so great. My district is comprised of 9 hermanas and 2 elders. Everyone keeps telling us that is completely unheard of. Most districts are made of of all elders, or mostly elders with only a few hermanas. The poor elders. The girls are all so great though. I'm hoping that I can try to motivate us all to work hard and be more obedient. 6 hermanas in my district are going to my mission, including my companion! The others are going to Paraguay, Ecuador, Canada, and San Diego. Our first class was taught entirely in Spanish. I actually understood so much more that I thought I would be able to! The gift of tongues is an amazing blessing of being a missionary, and I feel like I have only scratched the surface of truly being able to access that. Mom! I met this Elder whose name was Elder Perkis and he's from the Leeds, England area. His family grew up in the Wakefield ward. He said that his parents would have been in their teens when you were serving there. Did you know them...(sorry my question mark key isn't working...) 

     My roommates are so awesome. There's 4 of us in a room and I was able to get them to all come work out with me in the mornings! We have to get up at 630, but there's these work out classes that start every morning at 6! They are so willing to come with me and are such troopers. We teach our first lesson tomorrow....entirely in spanish, so pray for my companion and I! We were able to go to the temple this morning....Oh by the way my P-day is Fridays in case you hadn't noticed...and the temple was just amazing. I'm getting used to things here, but I can't wait til I get to Argentina. There are rumors to be having problems getting our we'll see if Argentina is the first place I end up after here! I've officially, as of today, seen every Minnesotan that is in the MTC! It's been so good to see all of them and have that little piece of home. 
     The spirit here, is amazing. We pray all the time and I just feel so close to the Lord all of the time. He truly has blessed me so much in my life. We had this amazing lesson yesterday, and we were told that your mission will be the best training ground for almost anything for the rest of your life. I've really been trying to focus on my relationship with my companion because other than the Lord, we were taught that there is no other more important relationship to have. I'm so blessed that Hna. Glazier is so easy to love. I'm learning so many wonderful lessons here, including many things about myself that I need to improve on. I love you so much! Please write me letters! I feel like I'm going to value those soooo much more than emails! Plus I have so much more time to read them.

P.S. Mom will you PLEASE send me my piano music! The one's of hymn arrangements. I miss playing the piano so much!

I will send pictures in another email!

Con amor, 
Hermana Feldermann

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