Monday, December 15, 2014

Biggest News Ever This Week!

You will never guess what I found out this week....THEY´RE SPLITTING MY MISSION. In July, they´re creating a new mission out of my mission, the Buenos Aires West Mission. Isn´t that just crazy? July is exactly halfway through my mission, and I may or may not be moving to a new mission and getting a new mission president! Are you as mind blown as I am? It´s crazy, and I´m not sure how I feel about it. They´re taking the whole section by the coast and making it into a mission. They´re also creating two new stakes. I´ll keep you updated when I find out if I¨m leaving or staying.

    So this week was so much better than last week! Haa first weeks, first days of anything are way hard and I knew that if I could just make it past my first week things would get easier. WE HAVE INVESTIGATORS! Yay!! Finally, we´ve gotten to know the members better and the area. My very first lesson was actually a huge blessing. We were walking down the street to try to find some less actives, and we ran into this man that we had talked to a few days prior and ended up giving him the first lesson right there in the street. I chimed in as much as I could in my broken Spanish. Hna. Rodas let me recite the first vision and the spirit was so strong. It was an amazing experience. My frist lesson!

    Something funny that happened this week. Actually, a lot of funny things happened this week. First, we taught a lesson to this menos actvio, and when we were about to leave she went wait, I have to show you something! And she brought us over to this big metal box on the ground that was covered with a mattress on top, and lifted up the matress and inside albino rabbit! Haa it was the craziest thing! It was all white and had red eyes and I didn´t understand what she was saying at all really, but it was just so funny. On Saturday we had a ward activity at the chapel and we had the chance to play futbol, or soccer. It is so huge here, no suprirse! So we were playing right and.....I scored a goal! My first Argentina goal. Who knows, maybe after my mission I´ll just join the pro leagues and stay down here. Just kidding. But it was so fun and funny because I´m so awful. After the ward activity just as we were about to go out it started this huge thunderstorm, and Hna. Rodas and I were standing in the chapel and all of a sudden she goes... our clothes!!! Haa there´s some ladies in the ward that will do some of our laundry for us, but some of it we had to do ourselves and that morning we had hung them out to dry. We kind of laughed about it and then when we got back to our pension our clothes had fallen off the clothesline and were laying in the mud. It was actually so funny, to get to try to scrub the mud out of my clothes because of course they don´t have washers here so we have to do all of our laundry by hand.

     So yesterday, was awesome. I love Sundays. We went out after church and walked up to talk to this lady who was just about to shut her gate on us...side note; everything here is gated. All the houses are behind gates and the buildings and everything! We started talking to her and she warmed up to us a little bit and was telling us how she teaches Italian. Then I told her I have a friend serving a mission for our church in Italy and she asked me about it and we were able to set up a meeting with her and go on our way. After we left Hna. Rodas goes, I didn´t know you spoke Italian! I was so confused and told her I didn´t, then she told me that the woman spoke to me in Italian and I answered correctly. I told her I thought she was speaking spanish! Haa it was so funny, but also so cool at the same time. The gift of tongues is a real thing! That night was another huge miracle because we were looking at the house for an investigator and this grumpy old man answered the door and just said one word in spansh, which means across the street. So we turned around and there were two houses, so we picked on, and it was the right one! The man´s name is Martin and the woman´s is Celeste. They let us in and we had the chance to teach them the first lesson. They have 3 boys and a brand new baby girl. They aren´t married, but have an interest in the church, which was great. One thing about Argentine´s, they talk sooo much. Haa you ask them one question and they can go on for about 5 minutes!

    This week I´ve been so much more grateful for the opportunity I have to serve the people down here in Argentina. I know that this gospel is true, and that this gospel is for everyone, no matter what. If we look every day, to try to see the hand of the Lord in our lives, I promise that at the end of every day, we can look back and see how he touches our lives every day. One thing that I´ve learned a lot here, is to trust in the promises the Lord has made to us. He will always, always, answer our prayers. He will never leave us alone and if we live obediently to the commandments, we can have the blessing of always having His spirit to be with us. What a wonderful gift God has given us.

Con amor,
Hermana Feldermann

A few pictures from the Asada

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