Friday, November 7, 2014


Wow! Time is such a funny thing. The first week I was here dragged on so much...but now time just seems to fly by! It's so nice, because we are always busy and always doing so many things in one day that before you know it a week has passed. This week was so great! On Sunday it was fast Sunday! I bore my Spanish during church! I love that I'm able to do that now. Even though it was bad spanish, it was still spanish! After church we had mission conference, where all the missionaries in the whole MTC along with their branch presidencies met for a conference. On the way there we met none other than....President Nally! The President of the MTC! He chatted with us on our way there about where we were from and where we were serving, etc. It was way cool. He was the last speaker in the conference and when he got up to speak he started talking about how he had met a few sisters on the way in and in his own words...."I would like to invite Sister Feldermann to come up and share her testimony with us." What! I could not believe my ears! He asked me to stand up so he could see where I was sitting and then told me to come up and I bore my testimony in front of everyone at the MTC...which is over 2,000 people. I have never felt so small, nor so humble. The only way I made it through was the spirit! I was way nervous and I barely remember anything I said, but I know that the spirit really guided me. People are still coming up to me telling me good job or saying "aren't you the girl that bore her testimony at mission conference?" yes...yes that is me. Sunday night was awesome because we had a devotional by the wife of Russell M. Nelson! So great! Her devotional was absolutely amazing.

     On Tuesday we had the chance to go to BYU for their morning devotionals! It was kind of nice to get out of the MTC for a while. with the way things are set up here, you don't get to see much of the sky because the walkways are all covered and sometimes I forget that Utah even has mountains! But anyways, we were invited to go to the devotional and I ended up seeing a few people I knew! I saw Samantha and Sam! That night, we were supposed to have an apostle come speak to us but then he canceled last minute because of flight delays!! It was kind of sad, but the speaker than came in place of him spoke very well. We will get to hear from an apostle on Thanksgiving so that will be so neat! Oh and I got your package mom! Thank you so much again. As I've said before, getting mail is one of the best things in the MTC. DearElder is so awesome for while I'm here at least. In the next week feel free to start sending mail to Argentina because it will take forever to get there!

     So the elders of the leaving district wanted to sing this song for their last Sunday and they asked me to help them out playing it and learning it. It was written by one of our branch presidency member's cousins. Imagine trying to get 8 elders to all focus and learn a song... haa they've been practicing the last few nights and have really managed to pull it together! It's been an experience that's for sure. I'm so grateful that I can play the piano! Thank you for never letting me quit lessons, mom. Nothing great in life comes without effort, that's for sure! 
     The Lord blesses me in so many ways every day throughout my week. It's truly possible to see his hand in all things if we look for it! This week we were teaching an "investigator" who is really a member, and it was supposed to be our last lesson with him so afterwards he was talking to us. His name is Marco and he's this cute little man from bolivia. He asked us for our emails and said he would write us every week on our missions and that he writes over 80 missionaries a week! Isn't that crazy?! He gave some of the sweetest advice, and told us that he has a daughter and he hopes that she will be able to become like we are. He has polio so he was never able to serve a mission, but he said that he likes being taught by the missionaries because he feels like through us he can learn a little bit of what a mission is really like. 
     Keep praying every day! the Lord truly hears and answers our prayers. I love you so much!

Con amor,
Hermana Rachel Feldermann

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