Monday, January 26, 2015

Every week is the best week ever on a mission

This week was so great. For so many different reasons. I find that the longer I´m here, the less it feels like a foreign place and the more it feels like home. Once a year in my mission, we get the chance to go to the temple, and it was our turn this week!! We went to the temple on Thursday and it was the most amazing thing ever. We got up at 530 in the morning because we had to take 2 different buses to the capital, Buenos Aires. The bus dropped us off literally on the side of the road under a bridge. It was so funny and then we had to hike up around and walk about a mile or so to the temple. It was soo beautiful and literally a little piece of heaven on earth. The best part was that I understood what was going on! But the reason that this trip was so special was so much more than being able to go, but because miraculously, and all thanks to the Lord, we ended up being in the same session as two recent converts in our ward who were going for the first time in our same session! Bro. and Sis. Ferreyra! Hna. Rodas and I were sitting in the room waiting and as soon as they walked in, it was probably the most wonderful thing I´ve seen in my life. We got to talk to them and be with them. The best part was, that the next day, they were returning with two of their children to get sealed as a family. When we stopped by on Friday to visit them after their sealing, when we passed through the gate the spirit was present so much stronger in their house. There are no words to describe this experience.
  Also this week, we had interviews with the president of the mission, President Thurgood! This week as well, we found this amazing woman named Romina that we´ve been teaching. We were walking on the sidewalk and she was at the gate to her house so we stopped and talked to her and set up a meeting to come and return to teach her. When we returned she let us come in and we were able to teach her about the Restoration. When we taught The spirit was so strong, and it is definitely the most powerful lesson I think has been taught so far. The spirit was so strong and the lesson was amazing. When we finished and we asked her if she would read and pray to know what we taught her was true, she told us that if she found out this was true, she would make any changes she needed to make in her life to follow the teachings of Christ. Then, when we asked her when we could return to teach her again she goes, "Tomorrow!! Wait, tomorrow´s my birthday. The day after?" So we´ve been teaching her about every other day this week and we are praying so hard for her! 

   A miracle that happened this week...the Lord blesses us with so many miracles, was that an investigator attended church!! Her name is Belén and when we passed by her house on Saturday, we didn´t even have to say a word before she was already telling her kids that they were coming to church in the morning! We passed by Sunday morning to bring them to church and there they were, all ready to go.
  A strange thing that I´ve been feeling lately is that really, I don´t feel responsible for any of the things that are happening and the changes people are making to come closer to Christ and live the teachings of the gospel. With Flia. Ferreyra, Romina, Belén, I just feel like we´re giving them what they need to know, and then they go from there. Really, it´s not me, or Hna. Rodas, it´s the spirit, it´s the Lord doing His work. All we´re here to do, as missionaries really, is to give people the tools they need to come closer to Christ, and have the opportunity to return to live with Him. We´re simply guides on their journey home, and then we get to pray and hope and watch and pray some more as we can see the teachings of the gospel change their lives and bring them closer to Christ. I feel so inadequate sometimes to be here, so undeserving to be participating in such a marvelous work as this, and I´m so grateful for all the Lord teaches me everyday. Pray, read your scriptures, go to church, and share the gospel. There is nothing that will bring us more joy in our lives then helping bring others to Christ.
Con amor,
Hermana Feldermann

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