Monday, February 2, 2015

I love the Mission

This week, amazing things happened. It was really hot at the beginning of the week and sometimes when it gets really hot they cut the power because people are using too many fans and things like that. So Monday night, right when we were about to plan...the power went out! Luckily earlier in the day, like the klutzy person I always am, I accidentally dumped out a drawer which had...candles!! Yay! We planned by candlelight which was interesting and then about one in the morning the power came back on. We turned our fan on to full power so we would know when it came back on...and then we could actually sleep :) This week we had intercambios (exchanges), which is where our sister training leaders switch companions with us and they help us with things that we could do better or improve on. Last time, I left our area but this time Hna. Rodas it was up to me to lead! It was actually so good, and I realized that I knew a lot more than I thought I did! It was a huge blessing. Also another amazing thing that happened this week. We have one cell phone between the two of us, and usually my skirts have pockets so I´m the one that carries it. Every time it rings I kind of throw it at Hna. Rodas because I´m scared to answer it because I won´t understand what the person is saying. The phone rang this week and Hna. Rodas told me to answer it this time. So I answered it and....I understood! And was able to communicate and the world didn´t come crashing down or anything! And now I can talk on the phone for the most part! Little by little, I´m actually learning this language!
We literally found an investigator this last week that is pure gold. Remember Romina? On Friday night in the capilla (Chapel) we had Noche de Amistad (Night of Friendship), where the members were supposed to bring their friends and things like that and we were going to play games and eat food and have a good time. We invited Romina and she said that she would come so we waited outside the chapel and...she didnt´t come. Then, like an hour later she walks in with all of her kids!! She told us that she had fallen asleep after reading the Book or Mormon and then woke up right when the activity was supposed to start! But she came!! She has 4 kids, and they loved the church! Romina told us she felt comfortable there and wow, I thought that I was going to die of happiness. But wait, it gets better. On Saturday we taught her again and brought her two oldest kids to the chapel for the classes of piano and English that we teach on Saturdays. Afterwards, she came to the chapel with her husband and baby to get the kids. She told us that she´d see us the next day at church! Sure enough when we arrived at the chapel the next day, there she was walking down the street with her kids and she brought her sister! Sunday was a miracle in itself because between us and the Elders, we had 9 investigators at church! It was some kind of record. They liked church a lot, and Romina signed up to feed us tomorrow and next Tuesday AND to wash our clothes for us this week! WHAT!!! She is amazing! Hna. Rodas and I could hardly believe what was happening. Tonight we´re also going to have a Noche de Hogar (Night of home) with her family in the house of Flia. Ferreyra as well! She is reading and she is praying and coming to church and I don´t think I´ve ever been happier in my life. Her marriage situation is going to take a while to resolve, but we have so much hope for her. I can hardly believe that we found her just walking and talking to people in the streets.
A lot of times I feel so undeserving to see all of these miracles happening around me in my life, and I´m just so grateful to my Heavenly Father for allowing these wonderful things to happen in my life. There is nothing that will bring us more joy in this life than the gospel and living by its teachings. We have a wonderful gift that God has given us of agency, or the freedom to choose. So use it to be obedient, to be diligent, to keep the commandments and we will have more happiness in our lives than ever before. This gospel is a gospel of happiness. Whenever we feel like taking a break for a while, from things pertaining to the gospel, God never, not even for one day, takes a breath from helping us.
Cuidanse! (Take care) :)
Hermana Feldermann

Studying Language by candlelight!

Oh! How I love the mission!

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