Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Opposition in al things

Wow this week!!! Can I just say that I love the mission more and more every day?? I love everything that I´m learning and am beginning to become. I lack so much still, but I´ve learned that with the Lord´s help, we truly can accomplish anything. So this week...we found out...Romina is moving...........They have a house here, but her kids have a school that they go to about an hour away. It´s summer vacations here and school starts in about 2 weeks, and they´re finding a house closer to where their school is. It´s really sad, but we´re going to continue to treat her like she´s going to stay here until she leaves. This little part in Argentina is the part that the Lord has given us to look after and while we´re here, we´re going to treat it as such. This week, again some amazing miracles happened with her. On Saturday we taught her about the Word of Wisdom and found out she has a problem with smoking. She said that she was going to quit and gave us her word. Then on Sunday we were waiting and waiting for her and her family to come to church and....they didn´t show up! We were shocked because she always does whatever she says she´s going to do! About 30 minutes into the meeting in walks the bishop with Romina!! It was so amazing. In sacrament meeting one of the subjects was fasting and after the meeting Romina asked if we could come over and talk to her more about it because she wanted to try it to help stop smoking! So we went over and talked to her about it and she asked about fast offerings. We told her it wasn´t something she needed to do until after baptism but her response was "That´s great, but I want to start doing it now.". And then it gets better. We stopped back a few days later and she told us that she had gotten rid of all of her cigarettes and hadn´t smoked since we taught her the Word of Wisdom. Need I say more?
    So some things funny that happened this week. We received a referencia (reference) from one of the members and went to pass by and visit him. There's a wall about up to our chins in front of two houses, which one of them was the house of the reference. We clapped at the wall and the neighbor answered and told us to just yell to see if they were home. So Hna. Rodas goes "DIEGO!!!" And then I peeked over the wall and...there was a man sleeping on a mattress on the ground!!! Haa it was Diego!! We just about died. He didn´t wake up luckily, and we stopped by later.
    Also something awesome I talk in my sleep sometimes when I sleep. This week one night Hna. Rodas woke up in the middle of the night and I was talking in my sleep...IN SPANISH!! How awesome!
   This is my last week with Hna. Rodas before she goes home to her house. I can hardly believe it, and I´m going to miss her so much. One of the biggest lessons I´ve learned from her is about love. We were talking one day, about the reason that we´re obedient. We shouldn´t be obedient because we want blessings or because we know we should. We should be obedient because we love the people. The root, the motivation behind why we do things should be love. And you know something? The less and less I think about myself, the more and more happy I feel. Because really, this isn´t time for me. We´ve been talking a lot about things that we need to leave behind to become better missionaries and one of them is our will. When we leave our own will behind and our own desires and focus on what the Lord desires of us and try to do His will, we will never fail. We will always succeed. It may not be easy, no, it´s guaranteed NOT to be easy, but I´m here to tell you that it´s worth it.  The reason that Christ was and is perfect, is because He only did the will of the Father, in all things. That there is no other way to return to our Padre Celestial than through this gospel. This is the only way to true happiness. 
"God did not create us in His image to be good people. God created us in His image to be gods."  
Con amor, (with love)
hermana Feldermann

We made Tacos for Family Home Evening!

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