Monday, February 23, 2015

New Companion!

Wow, this week was way different. I just wrote on Wednesday. This was the last week with Hna. Rodas.............on Thursday she got to go to the capital to do tours and Friday she had interviews with the president, so I had a different companion for most of Thursday and Friday. Her name is Hna. Hoy! She´s from Canada! She only has one more transfer than me, so we hit the streets and prayed that we could understand what people were saying! She was great though, and we taught lessons and for the most part I think people could understand us....:) On Saturday this week...we had a baptism in our ward!!!!!! The Elders had been teaching this man named Carlos, and he got baptized on Saturday. It was incredible, to see the change in him after his baptism. It was amazing, because the baptism was at 3, and then afterwards he went out with the Elders to teach with them! What a champ.

Sunday was a day full of emotion because it was the last Sunday of Hna. Rodas. Everyone in this ward loves her so much, that after church there were people crying and all sorts of things saying goodbye to her. I never realized how much I´m going to miss her! This morning we had our reunion de traslados (meeting of transfers) and we met our new companions. I met.....Hna. da Silva! From Brasil! It´s going to be way interesting having a brasilian for my companion! I´m excited though. It´s going to be an adventure.

It was really hard saying goodbye to Hna. Rodas today. She´s an amazing person and missionary, and I learned so much from her about love and service and patience....and everything! While we didn´t get a long 100% of the time, in these short 12 weeks she was an amazing teacher and become such a good friend. I think we were both surprised by how sad we were when it came time for her to leave! I think one of the most important lessons I learned from her is how to love. She always, always, was thinking about our investigadores and miembros, (investigators and members) and anyone that she could possibly help or do things for. She never tired of doing good works, and I hope one day to be as selfless as her. Love, truly is the essence of this gospel, and what this work is really about. When Russell M. Nelson came to this mission before I arrived he said this, "The most effective missionaries always act out of love. Love is the lubricant and life of good missionary work." I think this applies to our lives as well. When our motivation behind our actions is love, we can never go wrong. God is love. We are truly His children and he loves us. He sent us here because he wants us to succeed. I know this is true. Work hard, share the gospel! And never tire of doing good works.
Con amor, (with love)
Hermana Feldermann

Romina and her family.

Our mission leader and his family.

Saying Good-bye!

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