Monday, March 16, 2015

A cockroach got the best of me!

Hola!!! So much happened this week! Oh first of all...DON'T SEND ME PACKAGES!! We had zone conference with the President of the misión this week and this was what he told us. Before, there were some missionaries that would go to the capital and get the packages for us if you sent them, but now they´re not going to go anymore because it costs a lot more money than it´s worth. So if you send them, or are planning on it don´t do it please because I won´t ever get them.

   So last night I had an adventure with a cockroach! We pretty much always have cockroaches in our pension no matter how much we clean, and last night I woke up in the middle of the night and went into the bathroom. When I got in there was a cockroach on the back of the door so I grabbed a bottle of Raid and went to kill it. It ran out of the bathroom so I chased it with the Raid.....and then it turned around and ran towards me! So I jumped up and when I landed I landed where I had just sprayed Raid, slipped, and slid into the banister that blocks the stairs....By this point my companion woke up and I realized that when I slipped I had cut my knee pretty bad. So my sweetest companion ever helped me wash my knee and we put a band-aid on it and called it good. When I woke up in the morning it was still bleeding and Hna. da Silva thought it might need stitches so we called someone and they told us to go to the hospital to get it checked out. We went and....yay I don´t need stitches! :) He just told me to keep it covered for a week and it should be fine. No need to worry!

    This week we got amazing gifts from the mission....pillows and sheets!!!! We were all so excited because most of the pensions don´t even have pillows. Best gift ever. Something that also happened this week, we were at Romina´s house teaching her with one of the members. Before the lesson started, the member, her name is Rocio, was facing the window. As she was looking out there was a semi truck backing up and a little old lady waiting at the corner for the bus. Rocio started saying "they´re going to hit, they´re going to hit" and then we look and she goes "They hit!!" and the semi truck had backed into the old lady and knocked her down!! So we sprinted out of the house and ran over to her and helped her up and brought her into the house of Romina. She was all covered in mud, so we cleaned her off and the driver of the truck came over as well. It was a miracle, she just had a tiny little scratch on her cheek and her hand, and nothing else! What a trooper, she didn´t even complain or anything! Afterwards the man that drives the truck asked us about our plaques and and we told him we were Mormons! Then the old lady tells us that she´s Jehovah´s Witness and then the man tells us that he´s....Umbanda!!!! Here there´s a religión that´s called Umbanda which basically means devil worshiper. Then the old lady and the truck driver started arguing about religión and about what happens after we die and then we hand the truck driver a pamphlet on the plan of salvation. Romina was just standing there laughing about all of it! What a day. So Romina...poor thing. Please pray for her! She wants to get divorced so she can get married and then baptized but we found out this week that her ex husband disappeared. She´s called him and she even went to the área where his phone number is and...nothing. His mom lives nearby and she doesn´t even know where he is. We´re praying for a miracle, that he will show up somehow because it will take forever for her to get divorced without him!

    Right now we´re searching for more people to teach. We had an awesome activity in the chapel on Saturday and we got about 15 references between the elders and us! It was so great. I love this Ward, and the bishop is fantastic! He really has the spirit of missionary work, and it literally makes all the difference. This week I´ve been learning a lot about love. My companion is amazing, and one of the lessons that she´s been teaching me the most is how to love. She loves EVERYONE and is constantly looking for ways to serve and help everyone. Charity is the attribute that will bring us so much closer to Christ. Like mom always says, you don´t have to like everyone, but you have to love them. To love, is a commandment! Actually, to have charity is commandment! What a blessing that is, no? Because when we´re filled with love for others, we desire to serve them and to do what´s best for them and to help them. And then when we´re focused on helping others more than helping ourselves, we will find that we are soooo happy! It´s like a little equation! Heavenly Father loves us all equally. That´s what´s amazing, and we should love everyone equally as well. It doesn´t matter what someone looks like, or acts like, or what country they´re from....if we´re truly striving to become more like Christ we will see that these things are not the things that matter. We´ll be searching for the good, and see their potential. We will see them as beloved children of God, with the same possibility to become gods that we have. SHARE THE GOSPEL!!! This is the Lord´s work! Being a missionary is not just for those who are set apart to be, if we truly love our God, we will have a desire to bring other people closer to him as well. Our pday is getting moved to Wednesday next week because of the holiday so you won´t hear from me til then!

Hermana Feldermann

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