Monday, March 9, 2015

Where are you winter?

So summer is still in full swing here! I´m learning to enjoy it though, so that´s probably the best part.

This week I feel like I learned a lot of things. My companion is awesome, and she teaches me so much every day. We´re always laughing pretty much, and we always fight over wanting to serve the other one! Haa it´s so funny. We always want to help the other one at the same time, but then we´re both stubborn about it and then we end up "fighting" over who gets to serve who. This week my companion got we pretty much didn´t leave the pension for about 3 days. This was actually a good learning experience for me, because I realized how precious our time out on the streets really is. When we were able to leave, I found myself talking to more people and having desires to do more and work harder because I realized how valuable that is! We´re doing this thing in my mission called "Tres de la vez" Which means that we´re focusing on doing 3 things at once: Baptize, Retain, and Reactivate. It´s great because by trying to do all three things, we´re finding more people to teach. This week we were looking for a menos activo, and when we arrived at his house we talked to the people that lived there and found out that he had moved! So then we talked to them some more and then let us pass and teach them and now they´re investigators! AND THEY¨RE MARRIED!!!! It´s some kind of miracle I think. No one here that´s under the age of about 50 is married. So we´re going to see how things go with them!

  Romina is doing well...we´re working on her divorcement right now. She came to church on Sunday with all her kids! And then after we stopped by to talk with her and we taught her about the commandments. When we talked about honoring the sabbath day, she told us that the day before she had bought all the food and everything that they needed so they wouldn´t have to buy things on Sunday, that she had just realized that she wasn´t supposed to do certain things on Sunday..... !! She is practically just teaching herself!! Seriously. She has a son that´s 8 and the other day he kept asking us a bunch of questions about the things that you need to do to prepare for a mission so we talked about that and about temples and he was asking what you need to do to prepare to go to the temple. It´s just incredible.
   On Saturday we had a sort of open house thing in one of the chapels in our zone! We have to take 2 different buses and a train to get there, and we had just arrived at the train station and were crossing to the other side when we saw the train coming. The trains don´t pass by very often so we had to make this one or we would be late! So we started running to try to make the train, and then remembered that we still had to buy our tickets! So the train was stopped and letting people in and off and we were buying our tickets as fast as we could....and then the man who stops us to punch our tickets was encouraging us on. So after we bought our tickets he told us to just go so we sprinted and just as we entered the train the doors shut! ahh success.
   One thing that I learned this week was about the dangers of pride...I´ve been thinking a lot about this lately, and how letting pride get in our way can really inhibit our progression. When we think that we know all there is to know or can do all that needs to be done, we´re forgetting that everything we do, every breath we take and the chance we have to live day to day is completely reliant on somebody else. There´s someone granting us the gift to do all of these things! All the good that we do, all of things that we accomplish in our lives are do to the successes that God has granted us. When we are filled with pride, the spirit cannot work with us, because we need to be humble enough to be able to hear the whisperings of the spirit. We need to be humble enough to have the faith to follow those whisperings, and to recognize that maybe, just maybe, God knows a little bit more than we do. How wonderful it is really, that if we humble ourselves we can receive the help of someone who knows immensely more than we do! Who´s only interest is what´s best for us. How incredible is God´s love for us!

Hermana Feldermann

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