Monday, March 2, 2015

4 months!

Hola!! (Hello)
So this week so much changed, and it was great. My new companion, Hna. da Silva is awesome and an absolutely amazing missionary. Like I said before she´s from Brazil, and it´s so fun. I feel like I´ve already learned so much from her and I´m beyond excited to see what else I can learn from her during this time. I was realizing today that I´m probably never going to have a chance like this in my life, to live and work with and love so many people of another culture. It´s definitely time to take advantage of this opportunity!
   Some things that happened this week....last week actually we were walking down the street and saw this woman carrying a ton of bags. We asked if we could help her and she said yes, so we walked with her to her house and then set up an appointment to come back she´s an investigator! Family history is also such an amazing resource to find people as well. Almost all the people her have Latin or Spanish roots, and so family history is easy to incorporate. This week we stopped and talked to this man, and when we started talking about family history he said that he was interested and so we gave him some other pamphlets and things and set up an appointment to go back and help him out with this! It´s amazing really the many ways that the gospel is perfect for everyone. Every single little hole that we have in our lives, can be filled through this gospel!
   So this last week Romina had surgery, and when we were visiting her the day before she was telling us how she was nervous and things like that, and then we offered if she would like a blessing. She agreed so we called one of the brothers in the ward and he came over and gave her a blessing. It was the most amazing thing ever, the spirit was soo strong. I love teaching with Hna. da Silva, because whenever we teach, we´re both almost always thinking the same thing. Sometimes she´ll say exactly what I was thinking, or afterwards when we´re talking about how a lesson went we´ll find out that we both were having the same sort of train of thought. I love it, because I feel like it means that we´re really teaching by the spirit.
   This week we had a lot of awesome moments, but then as well also some pretty intense rejection. It´s amazing sometimes, at the reactions that people have to us as missionaries.... it´s like we have the plague or something! What we´re really here to do is find the people that the Lord has prepared. I´m starting to learn that everyone has their own time in accepting the gospel and everyone is prepared at different times. We´re here to find the people that have been prepared right now! Somtimes at the end of the day when we`ve been rejected 20 different times, what keeps us going is our knowledge that the Lord has something better planned for us. That when we give our best effort, give all we have, we can still keep going. The gospel gives people the strength that they need to endure this life. Endurance is really all about your mindset. If you think you can`t, you can`t. If you think you can, if you remember that through obedience to the commandments we can recieve the divine help of our Savior, THAT is what makes all the difference. On Sunday Hna. da Silva really wanted to bear her testimony so we went up and gave our testimonies. When I was up there standing before all of these wonderful people here I just felt so full of gratitud for my Heavenly Father, for sending me here to be with his children in this little corner of Argentina. There isn´t anything I would trade for this opportunity to be here.

Cuidense mucho, (Take care much,)
Hermana Feldermann

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