Monday, April 6, 2015


     HELLO TRANSFERS!!! So I got transferred this week!! We got a call Friday morning from President Thurgood, and he told Hna. da Silva and I that the Lord had a special assignment for us...I was going to Alejandro Korn! It´s about an hour from my other area, and I´m going to be with Hna. Woods, from Utah! We met up today, and she´s so great. Afterwards we were by President and he told us that he didn´t want us to speak in English ever....ahí vamos! jaa just kidding :) so my new area is mostly fields, and we have bicycles! I´m super excited for this. We arrived and I´m super excited and super nervous because it´s a lot to learn and get down really fast. They've been having a ton of success here, and I´m hoping that I can continue with that.

   This week was full of miracles. We were able to do divisions this week 2 times, which is where I go with one of the women or youth in the ward to one part, and my companion goes with another person in the ward to another part. We can do double the work in one day! The first time we did divisions this week, we taught 8 lessons and found 3 new investigators!! And the second time we did it we found 2 new investigators!

     I´m so grateful that I was able to leave the Banfield area thriving for the new hermana that was going to come in. The conference this weekend was amazing, and so inspiring. I hope that we can remember to live and apply the principles that we are able to learn. On Sunday, Romina was able to come to the conference! It was the best thing ever. The talks really touched her heart and she said she felt like they were written just for her. After the conference I had to say my goodbyes to them because I was leaving the next morning and I think my heart almost broke. Saying goodbye to the members of the companion....all the people that I´ve grown to love so incredibly much was the hardest thing ever. I feel so blessed beyond measure to have been able to serve here in Banfield and to learn to love these Argentines so much. I don´t know what I did to deserve such amazing blessings.

    One of my favorite talks from the conference was about seeing the hand of the Lord in all things. The Lord is in every little piece of our lives, if we can humble ourselves and learn to notice them. I feel so grateful for the lessons I´ve been able to learn about humility, and about love. As Elder M. Russell Ballard said, "The most effective missionaries always act out of love. Love is the lubricant and life of good missionary work." Not just for missionaries either, but love is the lubricant and life of our lives. When we think that we´ve done all that we could, there´s always something that we could do more. When we feel like we´re doing everything we should and we´re comfortable, always ask, "What more could I do?" There´s always someone else to be loved, someone to be helped, someone to serve. Until the Savior comes again, our work here on this earth is never done, and we live a fulfilling life when our work is motivated by love.
Hermana Feldermann

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