Monday, April 13, 2015

Lovin' Alejandro Korn!

Hola familia!!

     This week was full of interesting events! My new comp, Hna. Wood is from Utah, but her mom is from Norway and her dad served his mission in Norway so she speaks Norweigan! How cool is that? I absolutely love my new area, Alejandro Korn. It´s soo much different from my last area in Banfield! IT´s kind of like this town in the middle of nowhere. It's the last station on the train and it´s surrounded by fields everywhere. A majority of the roads are dirt, so it sure makes biking interesting, but it´s fun! I like to make jokes that I´m on a roller coaster :) My ward once again is split with elders and almost all of the members here are converts, including the bishop! He was baptized only 9 years ago and has been bishop for the last 5!

     The people here are also just amazing. They are so receptive! At first I didn’t even know how to react. We can talk to 5 people in the streets, get all 5 of their names, directions and set up appointments!! Sadly however, we weren´t able to do nearly what we would have liked to do this week. We both started getting sick around Tuesday and then by Thursday I was feeling pretty rough...okay mom I know you´re not going to be happy with this buuuut....we kept going because there are souls to be saved!! How can I sit in the pension and do nothing when the eternal salvation of the people of Alejandro Korn rests on our shoulders?? No one else is the whole ward has the keys to eternal life of the people here besides us! So Friday we had to return to Banfield in the morning for a meeting and that was so weird! It felt like I had never left. On Saturday, we had another capilla abierta (Open Chapel), or open house in Glew! It was amazing! At the end they were able to receive 72 referencias y (references and) 4 fechas bautismales!(baptismal dates) Towards the end my companion started feeling pretty sick and by the time we returned to the pension we found out she had a fever then she started the next day we did...nothing :( poor girl. It was my first Sunday in the new ward but we couldn´t go to church so I still don't know anyone.. but it was worth it for Hna. Wood to get feeling better!

    As far as miracles go, I feel very blessed to be here and to have Hna. Wood as my companion. Her first trainer was a native Argentine and she was awesome! She went home this last transfer, but she left Hna. Wood super obedient, diligent and willing to work hard, and for this I am grateful. I´m a little bit worried about our Spanish because I don´t want to lose my abilities to speak and understand and she´s still learning the language as well. I´m praying the Lord will help and bless us both as we give our best efforts!

   One of the things that surprised me this week was how fast and immediate I was able to love the people here. I love to serve them and love to see them be successful. In the strength of the Lord we can do all things! Feelings of inadequacy can be swept away because the Lord CHOOSES to work through weak and simple things.

   There´s this awesome iniciatie (initiative) that we´re doing right now called ¨Because He Lives¨and I hope you guys have seen the video! It´s only about 2 minutes but it´s powerful. I invite all of you to watch it, and then share it! Share it with your friends and invite them over to listen to the missionaries. They´re working hard and there´s nothing we love more as missionaries than finding people to teach, ESPECIALLY with the members. We never know who the Lord is preparing to receive the gospel.
Con Amor, (With Love)
Hermana Feldermann

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