Monday, May 4, 2015

Bikes and Mud and Dirt Roads

      Winter is coming to Alejandro Korn! And this means....rain. and lots of it! This week it started getting colder along with some rain. Because the streets are mostly made of dirt here when it rains everything turns to mud. and I mean everything! We had some pretty fun adventures with the mud. You can stand straight up on your bike and it will just tip over because it´s so stuck in the mud! This week was....kind of different.

     We taught some lessons this week. The thing about the Argentines is that they love to talk. They can talk and talk and talk and talk for hours and they get so sidetracked by everything so easily. It´s hard sometimes to start a lesson because they´re talking and talking and then we have to be careful with the questions we ask because if you ask one that is too broad or too general they start off on a tangent about whatever other thing. That happened quite a bit. We were able to find a few people to teach....but we´re really struggling to find people that can actually progress and are ready to progress in the gospel. However, the Lord is preparing people right now, we just have to find them!

     This week we found this less-active member named Juliana. She´s 22 and has the cutest little boy ever. Her parents have been members since before she was born but went inactive around the time she was 15, and then she got into some pretty bad stuff. We stopped by her house and she told us how she wants to come back and return to church, because she knows it´s the best place for her and for her child. She lives with her dad, and when we stopped by to see her again he was home. The less actives break my heart because they HAD all the blessings of the gospel and then they just left it! And then to see their hearts so hard against something that is only good is so so sad to me. There are people I´ve realized that are past the point of listening. They are so set in their ways and they don´t want to listen to anyone or anything. I hope that we never reach that point in our life, where we´re so set in my ways and so against changing or against listening to anyone who could helps us. Anyways, Juliana came to a ward activity that we had on Saturday and it was great. The members all just kind of embraced her and I know that she was able to feel loved!

    One other neat thing that happened this there´s this house next to the church that they´re going to knock down to make a field for fútbol. A family moved into this house like 3 days before they were supposed to demolish it so they had to kick them out. They´ve been having 24 hour security in the church because they were afraid that these people were going to come back and do something to the church building. So this man that watches the church from 7 in the morning to 7 at night is named Andrés. We started talking to him and the members gave him a Book of Mormon and then he came to the Family home evening that we had Thursday night as well as the activity on Saturday AND to church on Sunday! The members just invited him to everything and he loved it!! We taught the class principios del evangelio on Sunday and the members brought him in and he was participating and everything. Then he raised his hand and made the comment that he loves everything about our church. He loves the people and the spirit that he feels being here with the members. He said that he would like to continue learning more and continue in the church because all of the good that he´s seen and felt from the ward. It was amazing! Sadly he doesn´t live in our ward boundaries, but it´s been a great experience for the members of the ward to be able to reach out and take someone in. If we all did that with all our friends then everyone would join the church....well maybe :)

     I´ve been learning a lot of things from Hna. Wood. It´s been harder to talk in Spanish all the time with her, but I made a goal with president to talk in Spanish as much as possible and I´m going to fulfill it! We have seen some amazing miracles together and I´m grateful for everything that I´ve been able to learn! It´s amazing because the more I learn the more I feel I have yet to learn! I think that´s the amazing thing about this gospel. Sometimes it´s easy to think that we know everything there is to know about the gospel or about a certain subject, but that´s so not true. There is never an end to learning in the gospel. That is the blessing of having revelation. Through the spirit we can know the truth of ALL things. When we let the spirit be our guide in our study of the gospel we will learn marvelous things. Then we will have desires to be better and to keep learning. As we come closer to Christ, we realize more fully His hand in our lives and all the blessings he´s given us. This gospel is a gospel of ACTION. Only through acting on things that we learn will we gain the testimony we need to stay strong and firm in the gospel. 
Con amor,
Hermana Feldermann

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