Monday, May 18, 2015

Good-bye Hermana Wood!

 After just one transfer I am saying goodbye to Hna. Wood! She´s off to a new the other mission. So there´s a good chance that I´ll probably never see her again, at least in the mission. I don´t know who my companion is going to be yet because I´m going to be training again! I´m way excited and it´s going to be the best. Tomorrow we get to go to Banfield to the mission home and meet our newbies. President lines all the trainers up and all the newbies and then he calls your name and you step forward to meet your new companion! It´s going to be so great.

   This week was crazy! We had so many appointments and so few lessons! It seemed that no one really wanted to listen to us this week. However, we did end up finding two amazing families and we´re praying so hard for them! AND ONE OF THE COUPLES IS MARRIED!!! that was the best news is the whole world! We´ve been having trouble getting our investigators to progress, but with a little faith and a lot of prayers, I know that the Lord can work miracles.

    A funny experience happened this week with Hna. Wood! Along the sides of the roads in the more poorer areas there are these things called sanjas. They´re where all the waste that you have from your house goes, like from the kitchen and the bathrooms and all that stuff and basically it´s just a ditch on the side of the road filled with this nasty water. We had just finished talking with one of our investigators and we were leaving on our bikes. The road we were riding on was horrible. Hna. Wood went to cross from the road to the sidewalk and without knowing it...went right into the sanja!!! Poor thing! Her bike wheel went right in and she flipped over her bike right onto the ground. Luckily she was okay and didn´t get hurt. She didn´t get super dirty either. Just her hand went in and her skirt got a little dirty, but other than that she left without a scratch.

    This Sunday we were able to watch the dedication of the temple of Córdoba, Argentina! It was so beautiful. We all went to the Stake Center and were able to watch it live. D. Todd Christofferson served his mission in Córdoba, and he came down to direct it with Dieter F. Uchtdorf who did the dedication. It was so cool to hear him talk in Spanish! The dedication was beautiful, and I think the part that touched me the most was seeing how much it meant to the people here in Argentina. The saints here are so diligent and seeing the church grow in this part of the world so that they now have two temples, was something indescribable.

    This week we had a death happen in the ward. The dad of one of our families here died in a car/moto crash just a few days ago. Their family was sealed in the temple and at one point he was one of the counselors to the bishop, but the family has been inactive for about 8 years now. He died so suddenly, and the family is just absolutely destroyed. It´s so sad and awful to see. However, this is their chance to return and come back to the Lord. If they had been active during this time, this still would have happened, but they would be in a much better state. This is the thing that I learned about he Lord. The covenants we make with him are so sacred and he will fulfill his promises. HOWEVER the Lord says that, "I the Lord am bound when ye do what I say, but when ye do not what I say, ye have no promise." If we make covenants with the Lord and we don´t keep them, we can´t expect to be blessed. If we break the commandments, we can´t expect to be happy. The Lord makes covenants with us so we can receive blessings! Keeping them will bring us happiness, it´s literally as simple as that. Trials will still happen, and we will still be faced with challenges, but everything about our perspective changes when we make the choice to follow Christ.

Hermana Feldermann

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