Monday, June 8, 2015

Every Week is a Miracle

 Not a day passes in the mission or in life where we don´t see miracles! If we look for them, we can find them every single day. My first week here in Alejandro Korn, we taught a lesson to this woman named Ema. When we finished teaching her, (we were in the house of a less active), we asked if we could come by her house some other time to continue teaching her. She said no, that honestly she would rather not know anything more. We left, and then about 2 weeks ago we refound her! We were riding in the streets and we passed right by her! So we stopped and said hi and were able to set up an appointment with her. We went to the appointment and she had forgotten that we were going to come, but said that we could come the next week. That night, she came to the Family home evening that we have every week in the chapel. She loved it and was talking to some of the members and when she found out that during church there were classes where her kids could go, she was way excited and told us that she was going to come on Sunday and.....she came!! And she brought all her kids as well. It was such a miracle, that we were able to find her again and that she was able to come to church. I just feel blessed that the Lord put us in the right place where we could find her again!

    So many miracles are happening in our ward right now. The family Sosa that I talked about before....has been reactivated and is now coming to church. We´ve been teaching their 11 year old son Elias and he is going to get baptized soon. When they came back, their older son who has 19 came back also and brought his wife. Also their other daughter returned as well, bringing with her the inactive son of another member. With him, he was able to bring his other siblings. It´s like a rain drop effect and it´s amazing to watch! We have tons of people to teach and the Lord is blessing us so much.
   Sorry that I don´t have a lot to write about this week, just that I´m so grateful to be here and that I love being a missionary! This is the greatest work on earth, for the members as well as the missionaries! When we all work together with our focus on the same purpose, miracles happen. It doesn´t matter if it´s rainy or cold or sunny or windy, because you´re just happy all the time. Obedience brings happiness as well as blessings. I hope that you have a great week! :)
Con amor,
Hermana Feldermann
We discovered a new part of our area today and it is kind of pretty

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