Monday, June 1, 2015

No words

This week was just crazy...awesome. So many miracles happened this week! First of all, the week before this was way hard, and I figured out why. My companion and I did not really get along super well at first, and it was hard. I was totally focusing on why what she was doing wasn´t making me happy, instead of focusing on how I could help her to be better and be a better missionary myself. I was able to spend a lot of time talking with God this week and trying my best to let go of my pride and repent. And you know what? This week was amazing :) We get along so great now, and I realized that no one can make you feel a certain way. Being happy is a decision we make completely on our own! And how can I not be happy?! I´m doing the happiest work that exists in this world and I get to talk about the gospel and Jesus Christ every single day! What a huge blessing. Our motivation to follow the gospel and to do the Lord's work comes from the love that we have for God. To increase our motivation to the do what the Lord asks, we have to increase our love for Him!

   This week we had potentially our last zone conference with President and Hna. Thurgood! Exactly a month from today the mission divides and then over half our mission goes to the Buenos Aires East mission. As of right now, my area still pertains to the south mission, but If I change areas after this transfer, which is on the 28th, then I will be heading over to the new mission. It might be good not to write me letters for these next few weeks until I know which mission I´ll be in. I know that the Lord has a plan for me, and I will be happy with wherever he decides to place me.
   So a funny story about what happened this week. We have been having troubles with our front door. There´s the front door to our pension and then in front of that is the door to the gate that goes out into the street. We can open the gate door, but the door to enter the pension has been having problems. One night this week around 9 we were returning to our pension to finish up for the day. We got there and....the door wouldn´t open. We tried and prayed and tried again, but nothing worked. We called the elders that are in our area and they came over to try to help us, and they couldn´t get the door open either. They tried for another 5 or so minutes and then we started to try to think of what to do. Around the side of our pension is the window to the bathroom, so the elders went around to the side and took the glass and the screen off the window, to try to see if we could get in and open it from the inside. The opening wasn´t very big and my companion is really tiny sooo....jaa you guessed it!! We hauled her up and put her through the window to the bathroom to try to open the door from the inside. She got in still wouldn´t what? The elders kind of turned to me and were like "well know if we can´t get the door open you´re going to have to go through the window as well" so we started shoving all of our stuff through the window, our bags, jackets and everything so that if we couldn´t get it open I´d be going through the window as well.....but then..IT OPENED!! Sweet miracle :)
   Now an even bigger miracle happened this week. Right now we´ve found so many families to teach!! We have so many people to teach that we hardly even have space to breath! it´s great and we´re constantly rushing from one appointment to the next. There´s this less active family, the family Sosa that lives right on the border of our area with the elders. It´s technically in our area because it´s on our side of the street, but sometimes the elders pass by and try to visit them as well. The dad wants to return, but the mom doesn´t want to know about anything. She´s slammed the door in many missionaries faces. On Friday night the elders were passing by their house with el obispo, and they decided to stop by and knock. The mom answered and...she let them in! They were in their for a while and then they told about how they had kneeled down together as a couple on Tuesday night and prayed to know if the church was true, and that if it was if God could show them some sort of sign that it was true and they would come back to church and never leave it again. So on Friday night, at 8 o´clock in the very last hour, the elders knocked on their door. They came to church on Sunday and said they´ll never leave it again! They have an 11 year old son who hasn´t been baptized yet, and now we´re teaching him so he can get baptized!! The Lord works in so many miraculous ways.
    Have a great week!
Con amor,
Hermana Feldermann
We don't have a hose, so when it gets really muddy we have to wash our bikes in the shower

Meeting Sister Latoja with President and Sister Thurgood

Zone conference

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