Monday, June 15, 2015

Guinea Pig Hunting

I´ll start with the subject line first....that today we went....GUINEA PIG HUNTING!!! Haa it was the best thing ever! We have this family in our ward, the familia Diaz and they live way at the edge of our area, so right next to a huge field. When we were over there for almuerzo (lunch) on Friday they served us guinea pig, and then today for our P-Day activity they brought us out in the field to hunt them!! We got a bunch of slingshots, because that´s how you kill them. Then we gathered together a ton of rocks and went to go find them! They have some dogs they bring with them to help chase the guinea pigs out of the tall grass and weeds and then you try to hit them with the slingshots to kill them. It was the best!!! This field we went in was huge! I couldn´t even see the end of it. And we just hunted and chased guinea pigs :) We ended up with 12 of them! Then afterwards, we got to skin them and clean them and prep them to eat!  I ended up skinning like 4 or´ll have to see the pictures. It was so much fun.

      Other than that....this week was quite interesting work wise! On Tuesday there was paro....or like strike of transportation, so everyone was home and in their house. It´s the best! My bike got a flat tire that day and my seat broke so that was quite the adventure let me tell ya. We had some amazing lessons this week and found some new investigators :) Do you remember me telling you about Ema? If not, I´ll tell the story again.
   We taught her the first week I was here and then she said she didn´t want to know anything but then we refound her a few weeks ago and she came to Family Home evening in the chapel on Thursday, and church on Sunday! We had an appointment with her this last week and she had two questions for us. 1. Who is Joseph Smith 2. How can I recieve eternal life? was the best. The lesson was so incredibly spiritual and she said that this is everything that she´s been looking for!
   Hna. Latoja has been kind of sick all week with a cold, and then it really hit her hard on Saturday, so we weren´t able to leave really because she spent all day in bed. Poor thing. Being sick on the mission is the worst. I feel so grateful to be here on the mission and to be working for the Lord. I just happy and so grateful. I think that´s the thing. Every night during our planning Hna. Latoja and I write "miracle of the day". It´s awesome because it gives us a chance to look back on the day and see all the ways that the Lord has blessed us. Not every day is easy, but every day there are blessings as long as we are doing our part.
Cuidense, (Take Care)
Hermana Feldermann

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