Monday, June 29, 2015

Mission Argentina Buenos Aires Sur!!!

Sooo......transfers were today and....I´M STAYING IN ALEJANDRO KORN which means that.....I´M STAYING IN THIS MISSION!!!!! yay!!!! I won´t be heading over to the new mission, I´m going to stay here in the south mission with President Thurgood.
   So many things happened this week! I talk in my sleep, and Hna. Latoja told me that one of these nights she woke up and said that I was talking in Spanish and teaching the lesson on the Plan of Salvation and that at the end I bore my testimony.....haha do I qualify to be a 24/7 missionary yet?

   This week something crazy happened with family history! We have this family that we´re teaching, Mariano and Rosana, and their kids as well. He is from Germany...well his dad is or someone along in the past line. When I was filling on my little pamphlet of Mi Familia this week I was filling out the side along my German line and found out that one of my ancestors had the same last name as him!!! This means that probably somewhere along the line way back, we´re related. How crazy is that?? It was way cool. We´ve been working a ton with this little family. They want to get baptized, but they're not married. We talked about baptism this week and set a date..or like a goal rather. They were super happy and they´re like, yeah we want to get baptized! and then we had to tell them that they would have to get married first. Rosana really wants to get married, but Mariano is a sé.(I do not know) He wants to have his house done and I don´t know what other things, but he´s slowly warming up to the idea of it. Please pray that they can get married!!

    This week we had an amazing lesson with Ema. We were talking about the atonement of Jesus Christ and it was just so amazing. We read a scripture about what Christ did for us, how he took upon him the sins and the pains of the world so that He would know how to help us when we had problems (Alma 7: 11-13). After she read it she just stayed quiet for a minute and then asked us...."Could this really be? That He would actually do that for me?" The spirit was so powerful as it testified to her that Jesus Christ is her Savior and that He loves her so much, that he would do that for her. Moments like this, is when I know why I´m here. There is nothing more precious that the moments when people come to know their Savior and what he did for them.

   This week it rained for about 3 days straight! I actually like working in the rain, it really makes it such an adventure, especially with the bikes and all the mud. My companion's brakes on her bike gave out Saturday night, so we switched bikes. That was quite the adventure let me tell you, to have to try to not run into anything without brakes! But the Lord blessed us and everything worked out :)
     It was raining way hard Sunday morning when we woke up and when we got to church...there was almost no one. We had an attendance of 27!!!! 27!!!!! we could not believe it!!!! One of the last weeks it was 85!! When it rains people don´t come and it´s just so sad. One of the speakers was talking about the atonement of Christ, and he said this quote that I loved by Jeffrey R. Holland. It´s not exact but it goes something like this, "If people really understood the power of the atonement, they would run to church every Sunday." What a powerful statement! How much do we REALLY value the opportunity to go to church every Sunday and take the sacrament and receive forgiveness of our sins? I realized that everything in this gospel has to do with the Atonement of Christ. Our reason that we do everything is because we believe that through the Atonement of Jesus Christ, we can live again. That we can be free of our sins and receive eternal life. We sin because we don´t fully understand the Atonement or what it really means for us in our lives.

I hope you have a great week! Que Dios les bendiga :) (God bless you)
Con mucho amor, (With love)
hermana Feldermann

Everyone in the mission received blankets

Hermana Latoja and I

My Comp had to go to the dentist

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